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Non-Technical Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity is critically important. Being stalked and monitored through digital devices and platforms is not only unsettling, but it’s also costly.

Tracking and stalking can easily lead to a data breach as cybercriminals look for every opportunity to find a weakness in the system’s devices and accounts.

We Protect You

A data breach is one of the costliest potential consequences of being monitored. The United States has the highest average cost when it comes to data breaches. Cybersecurity damages can easily reach up to $350 million and cost individuals tens of thousands of dollars. These staggering numbers make it imperative to get information on how to stay protected. Cybersecurity leaders like Ion Services LLC can help you.

Training Programs

  • 85% of breaches are related to human error, a preventable error

  • Non-technical training is critical to cybersecurity and privacy

  • Training programs can be customized to meet your needs

Non-technical training is C R I T I C A L to cyber security and privacy

  • How you are being spied upon

  • Why you are being tracked and monitored

  • Unwanted surveillance methods

  • Free, no cost prevention methods

  • Why non-technical training is critical to cyber privacy and security

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