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Concerned About Information Technology Costs and Cyber Privacy?


Common Alibis for Neglecting Cyber Security

“I have nothing to hide.”

We lock our physical doors and windows to keep out prying eyes – the same mindset and diligence is needed for our cyber privacy.   Our cyber doors and windows are open 24 hours on a daily basis.

“I don’t like dealing with technology and am not good at it.”

Few of us are trained or desire to be technologists – we just want things to work. Our methods are clear, step-by-step and easy to follow.

“I don’t have time for this.”

Time is easy to waste – successful people are aware of, and maximize best use of their time.  Our methods are simple to implement and most actions are completed within a few minutes.

“The Government will protect me”

The same government, which illegally spied on citizen’s private conversations without their knowledge, and then lied (under oath) about it?

“Nothing bad has happened to me yet.”

Our phones utilize passcodes.  We have passwords and hopefully utilize 2-factor authentication for our secure transactions. We carry insurance “just in case.” Taking steps to prevent our personal privacy from being invaded without our knowledge or permission is simply prudent behavior.

“I’m not the paranoid type.”

OK.   Nothing wrong with a few preventative methods to protect your privacy from electronic intruders.

“I pay a service to protect me”

This is a great step in dealing with an event AFTER an unforeseen privacy breach event occurs.  Safeguarding our cyber privacy and preventing prying eyes from tracking and monetizing our private and confidential information needs to occur before it occurs.

We make it easy by providing you with knowledgeable content to keep your information confidential and private.

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